Advice 1: How to reach Tuapse

Tuapse is one of the most popular resorts in Krasnodar region, annually attracts thousands of tourists. There are many routes for every taste, and even lovers to have a rest "the savage" will be able to get to the city.
How to reach Tuapse
If you want to reach Tuapse on the airplane you have to fly to the nearby Krasnodar or Sochi, and from there get its course, because the airport to the city. It is preferable to choose Krasnodar. Pashkovskiy airport is located here, is the center of Kuban airlines. An additional advantage is that the airport has recently undergone upgrades. The terminal building was renovated, and now passengers ensuring maximum comfort. Were open spetsobsluzhivaniya hall and a VIP hall.
As in Krasnodar and Sochi from the airport to the bus station, buses run regularly and taxis. You will need to get to the bus station, and there in turn to sit on the bus to Tuapse. You can also get on any commuter train. They run every hour, journey time is three hours. The Express train takes you in just two hours.
The vast majority of the tourists prefer to reach Tuapse on the train. The journey from Moscow takes an average of 33 hours. This method is much easier in comparison with air travel, because you arrive directly in the city, and, in addition, you do not need to spend a lot of money on taxi service. In addition, transfer with heavy Luggage from the airport of Krasnodar and Sochi to Tuapse is a headache.
Motorists can reach Tuapse on the Federal highway M4 "don". After Armavir, take the M9 highway "Caucasus". After Maykop and Krasnodar, turn on Shahumyan (track Р254), otherwise you'll have to sit in traffic on a Hot Key. The road will be free and very picturesque, but note that in the region of Shahumyan pass within seven miles of no pavement. On the ground drive at a speed not exceeding 20 km/h and close the Windows from the dust.
By public transport to reach Tuapse directly, you will have to do a lot of transplants. So the bus makes sense to get only if you live in the surrounding area.

Advice 2 : Which train goes to Tuapse

Tuapse — black sea city in Krasnodar Krai of the Russian Federation. Located in the foothills of the Caucasus mountains. Is the heart of the resort area and a major seaport. The distance to Moscow is 1672 km.

Train to Tuapse

Direct train to Tuapse from other localities does not exist. Through him, passing through train to Adler, Sukhumi and Anapa. From Moscow Kursky station with trains to Adler's arrival at the railway station in Tuapse 01:10, 16:59, 19:07, with the Kazan railway station— 10:10, 13:30, 14:38 and 23:50, Paveletskaya — 01:10, 15:54, Kyiv — 21:19. Journey time is usually 1 day 14 hours.

From St. Petersburg train to Tuapse goes from the Moscow station at 01:30 and 20:07, Ladoga — 13:53 and 20:41.

On odd days from the capital of Chuvash Republic, Izhevsk, there is a train №497Г to the final destination. Moves off the train station at 23:06 and arrives in Tuapse in 2 days 3 hours 31 minutes. From the Ural city of Yekaterinburg every day is train number 233Е at 12:00 and arrives at the appointed item 2 days later at 02:55.

From the Far East also, you can take the train direct to Tuapse. From Irkutsk on even days the train №241И, from Severobaykalsk on odd days — train No. 273И from Blagoveshchensk - No. 269Ч.

General information

To the black sea town drive train from such cities as Kurgan, Abakan, Perm, Chelyabinsk, Kazan, Krasnoyarsk, Kislovodsk, Vladikavkaz, Stavropol, Nizhny Novgorod, Ufa, Kaliningrad. And even from such Northern settlements as Labytnangi, Vorkuta and Syktyvkar.

With other countries by trains to Kazakhstan — Kostanay, Pavlodar, Karaganda, Belarus — Minsk, Grodno, Brest, Ukraine — Kiev.

Tuapse train station is located at Victory street, 2. The building has a waiting room, the underground passage on the platform and into the city on duty at the station, ticket office for local trains. In another separate building located reference service and cash on the passenger trains. The bus station of the city of Tuapse is located at Zhukova str., 6. The distance from Tuapse to Sochi is 119 km away, and Gelendzhik — 129 km, and Anapa — 214 km, it Should be noted sea port, which every year increases its traffic. Soon it is planned commissioning of the terminal for shipment of grain. Planned reconstruction of the tank farm, it will introduce new equipment and technology.

During the great Patriotic war of Tuapse were badly damaged. In 2008, the President of the Russian Federation awarded the city the honorary title "City of military glory". In Tuapse annually on a large scale are the city Day, held the first Sunday of July and the day of the liberation of the Tuapse district on 21 December.
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