If you go to the resort by train, the problem of how to get to the Loo, you shouldn't be. Station Loo is on the railway line after before Lazarevskoye and Sochi. Stop all trains, except No. 102 "Sochi Premium" and No. 104 "Muscovy", following the route Moscow-Adler.
In case your train does not stop at the station Loo, get off at the next stop, Sochi. Close to train station and bus station. There you can take a taxi or a bus going in the direction of Lazarevskoye through Loo. Journey time is about forty minutes.
If you prefer to fly a plane, to get to the Loo you'll have from the airport in Adler. The first option – some hotels carry out the transfer of tourists from airport to the place of rest. Booking a room at the hotel in advance, ask the administration, if a hotel has this service.
The option of a taxi. This is the most expensive method. In the airport arrivals hall you will be attacked by taxi drivers. To rebut them is not so easy. If you decide to take a taxi, haggle bolder. However, sometimes in the end of the route you can learn what the cost of the trip increased due to unforeseen circumstances.
The other option is to get to the train station in Adler to the bus or bus (10-15 minutes) and then drive to the Loo on the train. The time of the train in transit from one hour to two depending on speed. Trains run six times a day with a sufficiently large intervals. The schedule of suburban trains Adler-Loo can be viewed on the website
In addition, you can drive to the bus station in Sochi by route taxi or bus from the airport. It will take you forty or fifty minutes. Then, as in step 2. Trucking network in Sochi and its suburbs is well developed, buses and taxis ply frequently. However, there is a risk of getting stuck in traffic during rush hour.