Advice 1: How to get to Feodosia

The Ukrainian city of Feodosiya interesting not only for tourists who like to bathe in the sea and sunbathe. Here are seeking lovers of ancient history — the city was founded in the VI century BC by Greek colonists. And before Theodosius was previously called Cafe, and it was here after the defeat at Kulikovo field fled the Khan Mamai. Moreover, where he was murdered on the orders of another Khan Tokhtamysh.
How to get to Feodosia
You will need
  • - long-distance trains,
  • - aircraft
  • bus
  • car.
If we talk about how to get to Feodosia, the most comfortable in this sense seem to be a long-distance train. You can go from the Kiev railway station in the Russian capital on the train Moscow — Kerch. In this case, the journey takes only 23 hours. However, in this case, you must go to the station Vladislavovka, and then get her to Theodosia, either by train or by bus. In the first and second cases, this stage of the journey will take about an hour. There are direct long-distance train that goes from Moscow to Feodosiya. He leaves Kursk station approximately once a day. Journey time is about 26 hours.
Air communication between Moscow and Feodosia there. But there is an option to fly to Kerch, and then on the train or bus to Feodosia. As for the time, the flight to Kerch is 2 hours and 10 minutes and the trip from there by train or bus to Feodosia will take a couple of hours.
To Feodosiya can be reached by bus. In Moscow, he takes about once a day from the metro station "Novoyasenevskaya". It should be noted that the bus only to Feodosiya is not here, so you have to catch a bus on the route Moscow — Kerch. Since these buses have two drivers and don't stop for the night in a Motel, journey time is 25 hours.
Many Russian citizens go to the Crimea and, in particular, to Theodosia on their cars. There is a choice of routes. The first option is first to travel on the Federal road "Crimea", and then go for quality, but not the fastest way through the Belgorod and Kharkov. Here you really get to Feodosia somewhere for the day. If you choose the second option, you have to go through the Bryansk, Kiev and Kherson. In this case, the road will be longer — about 26-27 hours. There is a third option of a trip to Feodosia to go through Voronezh, Rossosh, Lugansk and Donetsk. This option over time is comparable to the first approximately 24 hours.

Advice 2 : How to get to Feodosia from Simferopol

The distance between Simferopol and Feodosia is about 115 km. the road takes roughly 2 hours. To get to Feodosia by bus from the Central bus station and the bus station # 2, on the train with transfers from the train station, by taxi, by car. Also offer their services to taxi drivers.
In Feodosiya from Simferopol

To Feodosiya by bus

In Feodosiya from Simferopol by regular intercity go buses Simferopol — Feodosia and Simferopol — Kerch. Also, through the station, passing a regular long-distance buses from other cities — Sevastopol, Yalta, Novopavlovka, Yalta, black sea.

Station number 2, located on the territory of the railway station at Gagarin street, 8, first bus to Feodosia leaves at 4:50, the last at 20:30 hours. Buses depart every 20-40 minutes. The ticket price is about 125 R. At the reference station phone +380 (652) 252560, +380 (652) 277421 you can know the exact departure time of the Shuttle bus and to clarify the cost of the ticket.

From the Central bus station, located at Kievskaya street, 4, in Feodosiya the bus leaves at 12:50 a.m. Many passing buses from other cities. For example, a bus leaves Sevastopol Simferopol station every day at 15:19 and 20:30, from Yalta to 16:50 h. the ticket Price varies and is about 125 p. Using phone Manager bus station +380 (652) 276495 you can find out the nearest departure time of the bus and the exact fare.

Not recommended to take the ticket to Dzhankoy, Feodosiya if, before the tickets are gone. From Dzhankoy even harder to reach, as the direct bus Dzhankoy — Feodosiya does not exist and the passing of scheduled intercity bus tickets to get will be hard.

To Feodosiya train

To Feodosiya from Simferopol there is no direct train, to get to the final destination only transfers. The train with direction No. 6630 Simferopol — Dzhankoy departs from the train station at 20:40 h. two hours later, arrives in Dzhankoy, there at 01:15, take the train No. 6741 Dzhankoi — Kerch and drive to Vladislavovka. The journey time is 2 hours and 30 min. Vladyslavivka to Feodosiya is 17 km away the destination can be reached by bus or taxi.

To Feodosiya with comfort

Of course, the fastest, most comfortable way to travel to Feodosiya is your personal vehicles. An hour and a half on the road consumes 12 liters of fuel.

Also quickly take you to your destination comfortable minivans taxis. The price of travel is higher than in buses. They depart from the bus stations as required by passengers.

In bus obsessive offer their services of taxi drivers. The approximate cost of travel from Simferopol to Feodosia and about 2000 p. do Not believe the taxi drivers who are standing right at the cash register of a bus and say bus tickets anymore.
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