You will need
  • massage;
  • - gymnastics;
  • - physiotherapy;
  • - acupuncture;
  • - hirudotherapy.
The timing of fusion of the ankle joint depend on the severity of the fractureand take from 1 to several months. In severe cases, the treatment is carried out in the hospital after reconstructive procedures if there has been a shift.
After removing a cast can only walk with a cane, without burden and without straining your joints. For a long time do not lift heavy objects, do not wear high-heel shoes. If you need to go throughout the day, apply to the joint pressure bandage from elastic bandage or special bandage.
If after a fracture, you can not stop worrying about the pain, contact your surgeon for a second opinion, you will do a radiograph on the basis of which the doctor will determine whether the fused joint. If you have the offset, will have to conduct another surgery.
The pain associated with the fact that the ankle joint remained a long time stationary, you will prescribe non-steroidal anti-inflammatory creams.
To develop the ankle joint can only under the direct supervision and on prescription. After removing the plaster appointed physiotherapy course to 15-20 times.
Therapeutic gymnastics is conducted in a clinic under the supervision of an experienced specialist. Additionally prescribe 20 massages to restore mobility of the ligaments.
Acupuncture helps to restore mobility, if the rehabilitation period is prolonged, and other methods have not brought tangible results.
At home conduct independent exercises. 30-40 times pull the toe and the maximum lift ankle to the leg. Do three or four takes during the day. As the development of joint turn on one, turn the left toe to the right at 30 times in each direction. Before any designing procedures always consult your doctor.
A positive result is the use of hirudotherapy, but in public hospitals this treatment is available, so please contact a private clinic and go through 15-20 of treatment. This will help to relieve swelling after prolonged wearing of a cast.