Useful tips

Knee pain often associated with joint problems. In this case, be sure to consult a professional doctor. Specialist, after examining your condition and considering the medical evidence, choose the most effective treatment. Often severe pain in the knees doctor recommends the use of the drug "Dexamethasone". This is a great anti-inflammatory and desensitizing agent.
Folk tips and recipes can be a helpful solution to the problem, easing the pain.


Hot peppers are perfect for holding a compress at home. For this purpose it should be finely chop the peel from the seeds. Put the chopped peppers in a quart jar, fill half the capacity. Add capacity with alcohol or vodka. Cover the jar tight lid. After a week the infusion is ready to use. RUB them diseased parts of the knee. Top wrap feet with plastic wrap. After that, put on wool tights.
With strong burning or discomfort, immediately remove the wrap.

To compress also suitable paste of burdock. For this fresh plant should be well washed and grind in a meat grinder. The juice is squeezed. Pulp are mixed in equal proportions with vodka or alcohol. The resulting mass is applied on the affected areas. On top of the compress should be secured with cling film and wear warm tights. The procedure can be carried out in the daytime. When you remove the wrap, my knees are cold. It is an excellent pain reliever.

Perfectly relieve knee pain fresh birch leaves. Applied to affected areas fresh. On top of the clips compress with plastic wrap. Warm tights will enhance the effect of the procedure.

If bother and hurt your knees, come to the aid of the leaves of the burdock and horseradish. They should be tied to the affected areas several times a day.

If you occasionally hurt your knees, don't throw away the potato sprouts. They can make great medical rubbing. To do this, processes must finely chop and put in a three-liter glass jar. The remaining space will add to alcohol or vodka. Infuse processes should be within 3-4 weeks. The infusion is used as compresses, poultices and rastertime for the night.

No less effective for pain in the knees helps compress based on the Bay leaf. For its preparation you need 5 grams of Bay leaves pour 1 Cup of water and boil. Insist broth for 3-5 hours. After that, gauze cloth, moisten in the resulting infusion and apply to the affected areas. On top of the clips compress with plastic wrap.