The most massive swelling 2-3 days after surgery, then gradually subsides. Already after a week the swelling will be visibly reduced, but they are usually only for the second week. In order to remove the swelling after surgery, or at least to accelerate the process of their disappearance, follow a few simple tips:avoid anything that can cause swelling in General. That is, do not drink a lot of water and eat a lot of salt (especially at night). Salt if possible, is to exclude from the diet, at least for a while.
Do not take a hot bath. It is better to take a contrast shower – it will improve blood circulation and, consequently, the water mass will not build up further.
Not necessary after the operation to expose yourself to heavy loads, it may have a negative impact on the General condition, and swelling in particular.
Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. Heating the body in this way sometimes contributes to the appearance of swelling or increase in existing swelling.
Wear loose, comfortable clothes and avoid anything tight.
While sleeping try to keep the operated part of the body on the hill. If the operated hand or face, put them under an extra pillow, if the operation was carried out on the foot – position it above the level of the body.
Despite the fact that regular visits to the bath/sauna, the body loses enough water, swelling to visit such places is not recommended.
Eliminate from your diet alcohol – it contributes to the poisoning of the body causes swelling and increases their manifestation.
You can take special diuretics for withdrawal of excess water from the body.
Remember to remove the swelling after the surgery, you first need to consult with your doctor. He will give you all the necessary recommendations, the names of the required medication and possibly prescribe a course of massage or special anti-edema exercises.