The recovery of the wrist: initial stages

A few days after the plaster is removed you can begin to rehabilitation procedures. It is important to consult with your doctor to determine the starting date of the exercise, and features of the complex. First thing you need to learn how to do massage. You need to gently stretch your wrist, trying to avoid movements that cause pain. Typically, the first stage of rehabilitation is complemented by electrical stimulation and physiotherapy. On prescription while you massage using creams and gels.

A few days do massage and then move on to simple exercises to restore muscle tone. Remember that before each set of exercises should gently RUB the wrists until they warm up properly. First, rotate the brush clockwise, then counter clockwise. Do it slowly and carefully, trying not to strain the hand too much. Then try to compress and unclench the fingers. Repeat the exercise until, until your arm is tired.

How to develop the hand

When massage, physical therapy and simple exercises will result, and your hand will become stronger and more flexible, move on to heavier loads. A good option is to use a rubber sponge, and then the expander. If you feel sharp pain during exercise, stop and rest. Most likely, it means that you have too quickly moved on to a new stage and you should get back to more simple options. Be sure to consult your doctor and get a checkup to be sure that your hand is ready for high loads.

When you can easily compress the expander in the hand, feeling no pain, go for the more challenging exercise. Press palms to each other, and then rotate the wrists, guiding the tips of the fingers to yourself, from yourself. Be careful and do the exercise slowly! If you feel acute, sharp pain in the wrist is damaged, immediately stop.

In the last place you need to go to exercise with dumbbells. Remember: the weight of the dumbbells should not exceed 2 kg! Take the goods in hand and slowly lower and raise the brush, bending and unbending the wrist. This workout will help strengthen joints to regain strength and elasticity to the muscles. Remember that only daily exercise will allow you to quickly recover the hand after a fracture! Do not forget to fulfill them.