If you are concerned about hooligan threatening phone calls, obscene information or just without calling late at night, you have every right to contact the police. Telephone terrorism is an offense, so law enforcement officers will take cellular company a printout of incoming calls and quickly calculate bully. The company is required to provide a full information, so finding him would be easy, and your problem will be resolved soon.
If you think that you are just playing with friends, or in the case involved romantic feelings, try to find out the identity of the anonymous on their own. Contact the cellular company and find out who called your number. In some cases, however in the printout of incoming calls you will just see the words "secret room" because the subscriber is not violating the law has the right to conceal their data.
It is impossible to classify numbers by sending SMS-Ki. So if anonymous tries to strike up a conversation with you, put him to write you a message. For example, say that you are in a meeting or lecture, you can't hear or make up some other excuse to caller gave himself.
If you use a SIM card operator "MegaFon", use the following option: set the option "Who called", and once you get the secret call, press reject the call. Your phone will receive an SMS with the number of the last incoming call. In a pinch, you can ask the annoying anonymous call megafonovsky room, taking the time to have someone SIM card.
Order your cell-phone operator service called detail calls. Some operators this can be done via the Internet or SMS messages, and in some cases have to go directly to the office. After the service on, your phone will receive an SMS showing the last incoming numbers.