The easiest way to activate "Zero without borders" on the MTS set command *444# and press the call button. The service will connect automatically, you will receive an SMS notification about the successful connection of this option. There are other combinations of typing which connects the service "Zero without borders". The first combination - *111*33*7# call button, the second - *111*4444# call button. Connection services free of charge, but a daily fee for the use of this option is 25 rubles.

Least a simple method of connection options - send a free message to short number 111. The text of the SMS 33.

Also the "Zero without borders" can be connected by contacting the nearest office of MTS, where the staff will help you to connect, or by calling a toll-free number 0890 operator. And in either case will need a passport.

And the last way is to refer to the Internet assistant in his personal office. Go to the official website of MTS, sign up (be sure to save the username, usually the phone number and password), log in, putting the data, and select the tab "Internet assistant".

In the opened window, find "manage services" and click on it. In the menu that appeared in front of you, find the string "international roaming", then "zero without borders" and click on the tab "connect". The service will be activated in the next few minutes, you will notice that the option is successfully connected.