You will need
  • connection to the Internet.
Find out the mobile operator servicing the subscriber you want to send an SMS message from a hidden room. This can be done by means of special online services or by the first three digits after the country code – this is the number of the operator.
Open your computer's web browser and navigate to the website operator in the section sending messages. Often this function is only available for sending messages to customers of the operator, the details will be available on the submission page.
Download for your computer a special program that sends TEXT messages with hidden ID, for example, All software installed on your computer in mandatory check by antivirus programs.
Run the setup program in accordance with the attached instruction on the download page.
Locate the site to send anonymous SMS messages. Do not use the applications installed in your mobile phones to send messages with hidden rooms, most of them are malicious. Besides, there are still plenty of opportunities to send anonymous messages, so do not rush to change the phone configuration.
Also one of the easiest options is sending a message with the usual unknown rooms, simply purchase a second SIM card and keep her number. Operators to anyone do not disclose customer data in case they had violated certain rules, therefore, most likely, the sender no one knows. Also find out about additional features of sending messages, contacting you service provider.