You will need
  • - the passport.
Wait 3 months and your number of the cellular operator "MegaFon" will turn off automatically. At this time, do not use SIM card to send calls and messages, also do not check and do not replenish the account balance, in this period of time not to insert it into the phone.
Also you can throw it away after breaking the chip. If you lost the SIM card with a phone number at a time when not used SIM card for a long period, but not sure that it is disabled, please call technical support 555 0500 or (may depend on region) and ask the operator about the state of the map at the moment.
Contact customer service Department of "MegaFon" in order to disable the phone number. Provide workers with the necessary documents, confirming your personality. This can be a passport, military ID, and so on. Please note that at the close of the room the account balance should not be negative.
Refer also to the nearest point of sale of cell phones in order to deactivate the number. This will make sure that this outlet is entitled to take actions such as closing rooms, and that it works with SIM-cards of MegaFon.
Find out the addresses of the subscribers of "MegaFon", calling technical support, calling their data and the address of your location. Also learn about the deactivation of the room on the phone with passport data.
When you disable a room , make sure that it is registered in your name. Deactivate it in the other case you do not succeed, because you will need documents of the subscriber to whom the SIM card is recorded in the database of the company "MegaFon". As an option, just don't use the card for 3 months.