Advice 1: How to encrypt a number

The hiding room is a special service provided by mobile operators, if you want to call someone, not allowing to determine a number. Each operator has its own connection procedure of this service.
How to encrypt a number
You will need
  • - the mobile phone.
Use the service of "calling number identification restriction room" from the company "Megaphone" to hide your number from the person you are calling. Please note, this function is guaranteed to work for all subscribers of "MegaFon", except those who have activated the "Super caller ID". Order services to hide the rooms can be done on the website of the operator. To do this, follow the link Then enter your mobile phone number. Wait until your number will get a text message asking to confirm activation of the service. Please note that this feature is paid. Connection costs 10 rubles, and the monthly fee is 5 rubles per day. To use this service, dial before number #31#. Please note that your number will be displayed in the detailed account of the subscriber.
Install the ban on the definition of numbers, use the special service operator "Beeline". To activate this service, follow the link, log in to the service management system "My Beeline". Also in order to connect the calling number identification restriction numbersyou can call by phone 067409071 either dial from your mobile *110*071#. So your number was not determined during the set before number of subscriber, add *31#.
Activate the service "calling number identification restriction numbers" to hide the rooms in the MTS network. Connect it by using Internet assistant or the call operator per room. Please note that there is a monthly fee for its use – 3.95 rubles per day. Also note that you will not be able to hide number when sending SMS messages, since this function will only work during a call. To encrypt your number, before the number of subscriber to dial a combination of characters #31#.

Advice 2: How to: encrypt a message

When communicating online it is difficult to be sure that the conversation takes place without prying eyes. Traffic can be intercepted in different ways, so you cannot guarantee that transmitted information will not fall into the wrong hands. To secure conversation, use message encryption.
How to: encrypt a message
To encrypt the message in different ways, ranging from the simple to using special encryption programs. Very old and proven option is the encryption of the book, one page of which is the key. The sides must be the same instances.
Suppose you want to encrypt the word "winter". Open pre-agreed with the partner page of the book and find the letter "z". Now count which line it is and what is on the account. For example, the fifth string, it searched letter twenty-seventh. So, code the first letter is 5-27. Similarly, a comma is substituted numerical values for the other letters. To decrypt the message, your partner should open your copy of the book to the desired page and, using a numerical code to find the desired letter.
One of the simplest methods of encryption is a permutation of the letters in some places. This algorithm is not too stable, so it should not be used to encrypt important data. Its principle is simple: enter the to-be-encrypted text in a horizontal row of the matrix of size 10 × 10 (possible more) cells. Then rewrite it again, but in one line, with nice horizontal lines, and vertical. Will apparently meaningless text. To read it should re-enter into the matrix.
The algorithm described above can be complicated if the number of the horizontal lines of the matrix an arbitrary key for example, 3-5-8-2-7-6-10-1-9-4. The vertical bars enter into the line in numerical order in the key and send it to the recipient. To read the message of your interlocutor, you must know the key.
Modern supercomputers are able every second to sort through millions of combinations, so to decipher these messages for they will not leave labour. To protect the correspondence, you should use of computer encryption methods. For example, use Steganos Security Suite. It allows you to encrypt files and correspondence, will help to remove data from a computer without the possibility of recovery.
If you are concerned about protecting your information, approach this issue comprehensively. For example, if you are working with a Windows operating system, it would be better to switch to Linux. This OS provides a much more reliable storage of sensitive data. If you fear read your correspondence, use mail service Gmail. Particularly important information encrypt is the probability that she will not fall into the wrong hands, in this case will be very high.
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