You will need
  • computer;
  • - installed "Mail-agent";
  • - special program for sending SMS messages.
Hide room during call on mobile by connecting a special service through your operator or find it in the settings of your phone. It should be remembered that cellular operators provide the ability to hide the room phone only for outgoing calls. On TEXT messages this service is not covered. And even though you have the calling number identification restriction numberand the subscriber-the recipient will see the sender of the SMS. But in this case, when SMS is sent from your phone. And there is still a lot of useful software with which you can not only send free messages, but also to hide his room. For example, when using SMS-DV and other programs the caller will receive a message in which the number of the sender will be hidden.
To use a special application designed for sending SMSmessages from your computer, locate it on the Internet, download and install on the PC itself. However, be careful when working with these programs. Try to use only versions of the reliable manufacturers, otherwise it can harm your computer. And of course, before using the software downloaded from the Internet, be sure to check it for viruses.
To send short messages, and using the more reliable and safe Internet messenger "Email agent", where under "Add contact" is enough to make a user who is going to do. Make sending SMS even if the caller is not registered "". To do this, open the "Email agent" and in the "Add contact" select "Add a contact for calls and SMS". If you use this method, note that when receiving SMS messages from "Agent." the caller at the beginning of the letter will contain your e-mail.