You will need
  • 1. Statement;
  • 2. Passport;
  • 3. General certificate of secondary education or diploma of higher education;
  • 4. Help 086/;
  • 5. 6 photos 3*4 cm
Select medical College or school in which you want to do. After you decide what you want to be (paramedic, midwife or nurse), determine which colleges are the best professionals to find out about the teaching staff.
Once the choice is made you can begin gathering the documents. More precise requirements should be read in the admissions office of that medical school or College in which you are going to do. Document requirements may vary slightly.
For admission in medical College will need to pass the exams. Most often in the form of the exam give up Russian language and biology, but in some schools Russian language take the form of dictation, instead of taking biology chemistry. So the list of entrance examinations needs to be clarified in the admissions office or on the website of a selected medical College.
If you graduate in the same year, which are going to go to College, you will need to submit the results of the exam, you will pass the school.
If you have received higher education and want to change careers (or for some reason were not to enter College after graduation, in medical school you will need to provide the opportunity to take the exam in additional time.
Schedule of the exam can be found on the website .