You will need
  • - knowledge of anatomy and physiology;
  • - the desire to learn.
To become a doctor orthopedist, start to work on it more at school. For admission to medical school must take the exam in subjects: Russian language, biology, chemistry, or take exams directly at the medical University in which you are going to do. Form of delivery and training on the subjects at Universities may vary, so make sure you check this information.
Act on medical faculty of medical Institute or Academy after graduating from high school or post-secondary vocational education. Period of study at the University is 6 years.
In medical University the first three years you will get acquainted with professions, but since the first course should pay special attention to the human anatomy, as this knowledge will help you to become a doctor a podiatrist.
Starting from the third year you will have the opportunity to do practical training in hospitals and to participate directly in the work. This is a very important step, you will be able to be on duty with doctors in injury-paragraph, or to work in the operating room and orthopedic Department.
After medical University you will receive a diploma with the qualification of the doctor (remember, the diploma specialty not specified). After graduation you need to pass 1 year of internship training in the specialty of traumatology and orthopedics. On receipt of an appropriate direction with the required specialty care must be taken at the University.
After the internship and the qualification exam you will receive a certificate with a qualified orthopedic traumatologist. From now on you will be able to get to work. This is the shortest way and it will take 7 years. However, to become a really good doctor, a podiatrist, it is necessary to learn throughout life.