You will need
  • - written notice;
  • - additional agreement;
  • order T-5;
  • notification to the accounting Department.
To increase wages, provide the employee against signature a written notice 2 months prior to the change of remuneration. In this document you can specify wage increases in fixed amount or as a percentage of the amount of salary. For example, "we Inform you that raising the wages will be such that the number, month and year to 10,000 rubles or 30% of the salary.".
Within the specified period will conclude with the employee an additional agreement. Set all the items in order that you modified in the main contract, the amount of increase in salary after increase. If in addition to salaries, changes of positions or duties, please indicate this in the additional agreement of the individual items explain which parts of the main contract to be considered changed. Sign the document on a bilateral basis.
Complete your uniform order form T-5 instructions. In order to write the reasons for the increase of salaries. The reasons you can relate a change in position, duties, obtaining the certificate of qualification, diploma, inflation, etc. Familiarize the employee with the order on receipt.
If you raise the salary to all employees execute all documents for each employee separately.
Send the accounting Department the notice of wage increase. The personnel Department submit the order and a supplemental agreement for changes in the personal card of the employee of the unified form T-2, and if the changed position, and in the work book.
Familiarize the employee with the new job responsibilities. If you made the wage increase to all employees and justified it with inflation (article 134 of the labour code), duties of all remain the same and to issue a document about the new responsibilities is not necessary.