In that case, when wages are raised at the initiative of the employer, it is issued as an other change in the employment contract. You need to get consent from the employee, and then on this basis to issue the order (order) to increase the remuneration of this employee.
Thereafter, by order make supplementary agreement to the employment contract, which specify the amount of wages. This document must be signed by the head of the organization and the employee.
In the case where the wage rises for all employees at the same time, it is advisable to make the Provision for payment of labour". To specify the possibility of wage indexation. This document employees must sign upon employment. In this case, the additional agreement to the contract is required. You just need to make the order to increase wages, which must be approved by the supervisor.
In order to list all employees and their wages. But if you raise the wages all the same, for example, 5%, in order to write.
Changing wages, don't forget to change the staffing. This is done on the basis of the order of the head of the organization. The date of the new calculating wages is the date of the order.
All announcement orders must be signed by both parties, meaning consent with written information. Disputes arising in the course of work, should be resolved peacefully.