In accordance with the Labour code for employees provides for a procedure of increasing or decreasing the salary. To the order about the change of salary took effect, it is necessary to observe certain formalities. What you need to do in order to properly prepare such an order?

Increase the salary

The increase in salary accompanies a number of reasons. It can be the results of attestation, the attestation Commission is recorded, or the systematic implementation of the plan, high performance results. If the employee confer additional duties on a permanent basis, the salary should also be increased.

Change the salary the immediate supervisor of the structural division. It is a memo, which briefly sets out the reasons for the salary increase and gives a General characterization of the employee.

The memo must be signed by a Director of the company or a representative of the service personnel who is authorized to sign such documents.

After approval memos about the change of the salary of the specialist of the personnel Department is preparing a decree on making changes in staffing and key the order to the employee.

It is important to remember that all conditions of the works recorded in the employee's employment contract. Therefore, after making changes in the staffing table of the enterprise, the employee and employer enter into an additional agreement to the basic employment contract of the employee, which is prescribed prescribed salary.

The lowering of the salary

There are many subtleties and pitfalls. The main rule – to act in accordance with the Labour code.

Prerequisite: two months before the lowering of the salary required under the painting to notify the employee. The time given is not accidental, since during this period the employee can find a more suitable option and write the application on dismissal.

If after this time the employee remains at the company, made an order on the lowering of salary and the additional agreement to the employment agreement change in salary. All documents must be signed by the employee and the employer.

The employee must be familiar with a new job description, because if you change salary down the scope of his duties is also reduced.