Advice 1: How to write a memo about the increase

To increase the wages of some employee the personnel office will need to undertake a number of changes in the remuneration system, accompanying them with creating new documents and amending current regulations. The initiative must come from the immediate supervisor of the structural unit, which are prepared change. In the first stage, it should be a document addressed to senior management, representing the need to increase pay of a particular employee.
How to write a memo about the increase
In most cases, such a document is introduced as "a memo on increase of remuneration". In fact, official note, according to the rules document, drawn up about the execution of any works, for the exchange of information between heads of departments. Since this document addressed to senior management, the correct solution would be to call it a "Memorandum".
In the upper right corner, the same papers, write the name and form of incorporation. Further, as in any other appeal, indicate the position, surname, name and patronymic of the authorized person in the format of "who". In the center of the sheet place the name of the document - "Memorandum".
Specify date of report and registration number of the outgoing document. Below we will report briefly what is the essence of the treatment, for example, "to increase salary". Then give reasons for your proposed changes. This may be the advanced training, increased workload or sales. Here refer to existing documents proving the necessity of change.
In the final part of the report to inform your proposal, indicating specific figures on the pay increase and the date from which you ask to amend the existing order of calculations.

Then list any attached documents, to which reference was made in the main part of the note.

In conclusion, write a post of the head of the structural unit, allow space for personal signature and stamp. And do not forget to specify the decryption of the signature (surname and initials).
Useful advice
A memo can be printed by computer and written by hand, because the design of such a document has no hard rules. But it is better to issue it in accordance with established organizational rules of the office.

Advice 2: How to write a memo to the employee

Internal correspondence in the organization allows you to organize different things and solve the dispute between employees and management. You can write a memo on the employee complaint against him or any claims.
How to write a memo to the employee
Start writing memos. You can use the corporate letterhead or ordinary paper depending on the internal regulations. Indicate the reference number of the letter in its upper part. This is an optional props memos, however it can help in speeding up the consideration of the document, especially if the boss comes in several business papers.
Fill in the introductory part of the note. In the upper right corner, specify the name and title of the person who will be sent a memo, then write the name, initials and title of the sender. A little step back and write the middle of the line the title of the document - "memo".
Describe the nature of your problem or question for which you send a note to the head. Also, depending on the goal of creating a document, you can, for example, to report in the performance of assigned you the task to write a complaint on an employee, citing shortcomings in his work etc. Write all that in your opinion should the authorities because often the silence about something important leads to illegal actions in the workplace, disrupting the timing of tasks and all kinds of losses.
Write the final part of the note, which will ask the user to take certain actions to address the issue or problem. If necessary, report in terms of what it needs to be done and provide all the necessary information to ensure that all of the above was noted as soon as possible.
At the bottom of the sheet put the current date and your signature. Attach note to any application, if, for example, you need to prove whether an act was committed by other workers. Pass a note to the Executive Department or directly in hands to the head.
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