Start with, take a sample of the normal application to the Director, prepared in accordance with the rules of office. You will have to adjust, changing the subject, because there is simply no developed and approved forms for statements about raising wages. Such a document is acceptable to be in writing.
Complete the top right of the page with details of the recipient and to the Complainant. Write "Director" and the name of the company. Next, enter the surname, name and patronymic of the head in the format of "who". In the "from" let your own name, initials, position and structural unit of the enterprise in which you work.
In the center place the title of the document "Statement". Now proceed to the formulation of the actual circulation to the head, starting with the word "Please". Next, tell your salary expectations and pre-agreed with the user, indicating the specific amount to be reflected in the new staffing. Here specify the date of the upcoming changes in pay. In conclusion, sign, decrypt the signature and date of writing.
Prepared statement take the signature of the head or pass through the Secretary. Do not forget to register it as an incoming document according to the rules of proceedings adopted in the enterprise.