You will need
  • - written notice;
  • - written consent of the employee (if you are changing job functions or imposes additional obligations);
  • - supplementary agreement in two copies;
  • order.
All changes in the employment relationship, the employer must notify the employee two months before the planned change. The employee should be put on notice his signature, which would mean that he / she is familiar with the coming changes.
To an employment contract can be applied as many additional agreements as necessary to change any item of the contract during the term of the employment relationship.
Before you can familiarize the employee with the additional agreementm, the employer must obtain his written consent, that he is not against changes in the employment contract and agree to work in the new environment. Consent is necessary only in cases of significant changes in job functions or when transferring to another post and to another structural unit or to another area. In all other situations, the signing of an agreement is the consent of the employee.
In the additional agreement should indicate the date, month, year of drafting, the full name of the organization, the details of the employee and his position. Also to pay a number of the basic contract, all items on which changes occurred and the reasons for the changes. If other items are not altered, you should specify that all other items of the basic contract is considered unchanged. In one agreement can be specified several points changes with their detailed description.
If changes in the compensation, the document States the new amount of the salary or wage rate and reason for reduction or increase of salary.
The temporary transfer of an employee to another position or when combining the main position, you must specify the date of transfer, the start date and the end of execution of job functions. If the period is not specified, on the basis of the supplementary agreement, the move is considered to be indefinite.
The document is signed by the employee and the employer. One copy is attached to the employment contract the employee remains in his hands, and the second employer. Additional agreement without a contract is not considered valid.
The employer issued the order, which specifies all changes made to the main contract, the grounds for change. Dimensions number and signature. With orders to acquaint the employee and the accounting Department, if the changes relate to the increase or decrease wages.
If the employee does not sign an additional agreement or do not agree with the changes, he has the right to terminate the employment relationship without the planned end of mining.