You will need
  • notification
  • -supplemental agreement
  • order # T-5,
  • -entering information into a personal card and, if necessary, in the work book.
To the increase in salaries was justified need to execute a number of documents that reglamentary any changes in pay and also to notify the employee in advance by notice under the signature. If in addition wages are going to modify the post or her name, additionally you need to consider guidance on this issue in the article 72.1 of the LC RF.
The basis of increasing wages can be a valid reason or inflation. To indicate the reason you can use relevant facts. This may be: training, obtaining a diploma in high school, getting additional education relevant new posts or performing other functional duties, extensive experience and experience. If the reasoning of the increase in salaries is necessary to issue under article No. 134 of the labour code in connection with rising prices, the order is issued for each employee separately. The document States the basis that wages increased due to inflation and the indexation value. The increase in salaries for this reason, it is possible not to issue a notice to the employee and to produce unilaterally and to familiarize all with this fact.
In all cases, issued the order of the unified form T-5. The order indicates what number the month and year to produce the increase in salaries, employee's name, position, number of the structural unit. If simultaneously with the increase in salaries changes the position or job responsibilities, it should also be stated in the order.
To the employment contract additional agreement is made, all data are recorded in a personal card, and if you change the position in the work book.
The accounting Department is served notice of the accrual of the modified salary.
If the increase in wages wants to require an employee, you need to present a strong and reasoned arguments of the employer. The basis for the increase of salaries may be: extensive experience in the enterprise, the level of professional training and personal achievements, higher prices for consumer goods, a qualification or a diploma.
In all cases, with a request to increase salaries need to go to the head of the structural unit or the immediate supervisor.