You will need
  • - additional agreement;
  • order.
Internal regulations of your company should contain detailed instructions on the tariff increase in wages associated with combining positions or increasing the scope of work. The surcharge may be stated in fixed monetary amount or as a percentage of salary or hourly wage rates, it depends on the forms of remuneration in your enterprise.
Charging an extra amount of work, or to combine the profession you can only by mutual agreement with the working employee. The agreement will secure documented in the form of a supplementary agreement to the current labor contract. Bilateral signing of the agreement means that the employee agrees to perform extra work or to combine profession for an additional charge. The additional payment amount enter as a separate item in the completed and signed document.
On the basis of newly created supplementary agreement release orders. Give it a reference to regulations on structured agreement specify the amount of the payments, terms for fulfilling the additional volume of work or combination of professions.
Familiarize the employee with the order on receipt. Accounting file a written notice of the assessment surcharge to the basic salary or hourly tariff rate. Based on the notification, the employee will carry out the calculation under the new conditions of remuneration.
Charging an extra amount of work, or a combination of professions is of 1 month during which you are required to find the applicant for the vacancies.
Take tax deductions on the whole amount of earnings. Retention is not necessary to produce social benefits, material assistance and lump sum payments. Accrual social benefits should be based on all amounts of earnings of an employee, which include decorated surcharge.