The increase in wages is a change of a condition of the employment contract. So, first of all, two months prior to the fact will notify the employee about further actions – send him a written notice. In the document, specify the reason for the increase, the effective date of the orderand in force and pay. In this document, the employee must supply the date of signing and his signature, which means his consent with the above information.
Make an order for the salary increase. Standardized format for this administrative document is not, therefore, develop its own and approve in accounting policy. Be sure to specify in the order the reason for the increase in wages (for example, in connection with increase of category), the name of the officer and his name, as well as the amount of salary and date of entry of the order into force. Sign administrative document, put the date of the writing and give for examination to the employee.
Apply to previously signed employment contract supplementary agreement. When planning, refer to the order. In the legal document list, which is subject to change, specify the old version and the new. Sign the agreement and give the signature of the employee.
Issue an order about the staffing changes. Here, specify the reason which led to these actions: specify that it is subject to change; list the date of entry of the order into force. On the basis of the order change staffing.
Make changes to employees ' personal pages, and complete information personal. If the employee under the change in salary changed job responsibilities (for example, more of them), create job descriptions and give it to the signature.