You will need
  • - minutes of the meeting;
  • notification to employees;
  • - additional agreement;
  • order;
  • - regulations on bonuses;
  • notification to the accounting Department.
To change any item in the internal regulation about awarding the employees collect extraordinary meeting of the administration and members of trade unions. If your enterprise is a primary or independent trade Union is absent, the interests of the workers can submit foremen, supervisor or shop foreman, senior division, etc.
The entire course of the meeting record in the minutes. In detail, the points describe any changes in the regulations on bonuses, specify the number of votes that voted in favor of changes. Increase, decrease award can be performed only in the case if the majority voted for change.
Any incentive payments, including award, are specified in internal regulations of the enterprise, but also in the employment contract of each employee. So changes affect not only the provisions on bonuses, but the item of the employment contract.
To make changes to the contract will notify each employee two months before the fact. After this period, sign a supplementary agreement to the employment contract, putting any changes on the payment of premiums (article 57 of the LC RF).
Complete your order, familiarize them with each employee on receipt.
Complete a new internal normative act on bonuses, read it to all employees. In order you must make reference not only to the additional agreement, but also to change the provisions on bonuses.
If changes are made temporarily, select it in the additional agreements and the provision for bonuses.
Most often, the modification of existing legal documents is a temporary forced measure. If so, specify the duration of restrictions on the premiums. If you are planning to change the system of incentive payments constantly, the time can be omitted, which will mean perpetual change. However, do not forget to make the date from which these amendments come into force, and submit the notification to the accounting Department about changes to payroll.