Any official statement exists inside a specific organization and is the local normative act, an exclusive right which is assigned to the employer. However, job descriptions are fixed the duties of a particular employee which constitute its employment function. That is why at the conclusion of the employment contract of the employee is introduced to its manual under the painting, often it is an Annex to this agreement.

Then change the job description usually means a corresponding change of labour function of the worker that is only allowed by agreement of the parties to the employment relationship. Therefore, such changes not enough the conventional adoption of a local act, and must obtain the written consent of the employee.

Stages of any change in the job description

In the first phase the managers of the organization prepare a new version of the job description of the employee. In the second phase, released as a separate order of the head of the company, under which approved a new edition of this manual. You must then obtain the signature of the worker about the familiarization with the new version of his job description, draw up an additional agreement to the labour contract and sign it. At the final stage, a copy of the signed supplementary agreement is transferred to the employee who must put the second instance own signature on his receipt.

What happens after changes in the job description?

After the signing of the additional agreement and completion of any change in the job description of the staff member performs its own obligations under this agreement. It should be noted that the specific date of entry into force of the new wording of the job description can be defined in a supplementary agreement, which was signed by the parties. If the date in the agreement is not fixed, then the instruction becomes effective on the day following the date of signing of the supplementary agreement.

A prerequisite for the application of new job descriptions is its compliance with existing labour legislation, the absence of conditions that infringe on the rights of the employee or reduce the level of provided guarantees.