On a clean sheet of A4 paper. Write (type) at the top in the middle of the word "Feature". On the next line for example: "the pupil of school №157 11B class Smirnov Dmitry". To fit it all on one line.
Write in the first paragraph is a brief characteristic of the student. For example: "Smirnov Dmitry Medvedev has shown responsibility and diligence during the 10 years of schooling. Permanently performs tasks of the classroom teacher, has participated in the life class and in various school activities".
Mention about the level of discipline and academic progress of the student in the second paragraph. For example, "Discipline in the classroom is active. Has good conduct and diligence during his training". On the next line tell me about specific figures, which show his knowledge. "During his studies at the school average score was 4.4".
Tell us about those events in which he was involved, and specify information about vnutrikorporativnye relationships with peers. "Actively participated in the life of their schools (clubs, singing competitions, subject Olympiads, etc.). Smirnov Dmitry Medvedev in communication I'm sure is helpful and friendly, my classmates and maintains rather good relations, both in school and beyond".
Describe the character of a disciple, and his school and extracurricular activity. "Has a balanced character. An active participant in the creative activities of the school, engaged in serious sports. Advocates for the school orienteering team and represents it on the city competition. Participates on a permanent basis to work days, hikes, hardworking and diligent".
Write on the bottom left, the initials of the class teacher, Director and leave room for your signature. Sign yourself. For example:the headmaster Kuzmina L. D. (signature) Homeroom teacher Sergeeva N. N. (signed)don't forget to assure the characteristics of the Secretary, and to give the painting to the school Director.