As with the development of dermatitisand on the body of dogsand sores are formed, they need to be treated first. Take a solution of Boro and carefully lubricate all the sores. Should they dry and relieve pain. To buy such a solution you can at a regular pharmacy. The technology of drawing is quite simple: treat the wound two to three times a day until healing.
снять зуд у кошки при пищевой аллергии
You can also use for the treatment of a tool such as boric acid. Because this substance acts as a natural antiseptic, kills bacteria and speeds up the healing process. Of an application with the use of boric acid use one to two times a day.
какие принимать препараты при зуде у собак
In order to alleviate symptoms of allergies in dogsand take care of the creation of conditions for the animal. As for a sick animal has the importance of clean fresh air, install a home purifier and humidifier. In addition, keep the room dust should be minimum, or not at all. Otherwise, all dust mites will exacerbate the suffering of your pet.
Какие признаки лишая у собак
Let dogse drugs that stimulate the immune system. It can be various immunomodulators and other supporting tools. Best of all, if a prescription they will prescribe a professional veterinarian.
лечить демодекоз собака
In some cases, used for the treatment of dermatitisand antihistamines. Their task is to remove itching and burning. However, according to specialists, the help of such tools from allergies only 15% of patients dogs.
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Don't forget to also choose and specialized makeup for your animal. The shampoo should be soft with antifungal and antibacterial properties. All this is also aimed at reducing the sores and reduce itching in the skin of the animal.