You will need
  • - sterile bandage or gauze;
  • - scissors;
  • - q-tip;
  • - Zelenka;
  • - iodine;
  • vodka or alcohol;
  • - tweezers;
  • - 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide;
  • - tablet streptotsida;
  • - vaseline;
Before proceeding directly to treatment of the wound, stop the bleeding. To do this, take a sterile bandage and scissors cutting it in small piece, which then attach to the wound of the animal. Gently press the bandage to the surface of the wound, hold it and make sure the bleeding stopped. If the animal continues to lose blood, then do not delay and immediately consult the vet!
мокрые вавки у кота
Just making sure that the blood loss your cat is not threatened, go to the treatment of damaged tissues. Make from a piece of sterile cotton wool swab and soak it in the hydrogen peroxide solution that has a disinfecting action. Then carefully and gently apply this cotton swab around the wound, removing the bloody and purulent discharge. Do not rinse dried blood directly in the wound.
каклечитьраны у кота
Take the scissors, lightly lubricate them with vaseline or just spray with water and they cut the fur around the wound your animal. Do not use dry or lubricated with vaseline scissors, otherwise you'll contaminate the wound cats cut hair, which is very undesirable. After this, inspect the damaged tissue from your pet for the detection in them of foreign objects such as glass or sand. If you managed to find them, then carefully remove them from there using the pre-processed vodka or alcohol with tweezers.
Как обрабатывать рану после кастрации кота
Cotton swab soaked in any liquid having a disinfectant action (it could be Zelenka, iodine, vodka or alcohol), lubricate the skin around the wound. If you do not have a special healing powders used for the treatment of wounds in veterinary medicine, take the tablet streptotsida, which is available in almost every home, mash it into a fine powder and spray directly on the damaged tissue of the animal.
Cut a piece of sterile gauze or bandage and apply it to the damaged area, covering the wound. Be closely secure the dressing with a bandage and change it twice a day until the wound completely healed.