Looks like moist dermatitis in dogs?

Seeing spots on the skin of your pet, and noticing that the dog is anxious, a good host will carry your pet to the veterinary clinic. There will unmistakably define weeping eczema and prescribe treatment. But do not always have the ability to show the animal to the specialist, for example, on vacation somewhere in a godforsaken place. And before you rescue a dog from weeping dermatitis, you need to make sure that it is.

Acute moist dermatitis can appear in any dog, but more just for this trouble-prone animals with long fur or a thick undercoat.

Hearth weeping dermatitis has the appearance of a balding, swollen, warm area of skin a rounded shape and a size of 2 to 10 cm, which emits pus and smells bad. These spots in most cases are localized on the head, near the knee, on the sides of your body. These wounds are very much concerned about the dog, she is forever scratching, licking, wykonywac. These actions, it exacerbates the disease, contributes to the growth of weeping eczema. If the owner does not intervene immediately, weeping dermatitis may take catastrophic proportions in a few hours.

First aid and subsequent treatment dogs

Weeping eczema is very painful, therefore, before conducting any manipulations, it is desirable to anesthetize these places.

To the affected skin areas is necessary to ensure the access of air. To do this, cut out the fur around the eczema. Then the wounds need to be treated with antiseptic. This may be a tincture of Hypericum, calendula or chlorhexidine solution. After that, treating eczema in some drying agent. For this suit zinc ointment, powder of zinc, talc. If the dog is suffering from severe itching, you can give her an antihistamine – "Tavegil", "Suprastin", "loratadine".

In addition, you must follow the dog, not giving her a chance to comb wounds. If eczema does not heal, then at the first opportunity, the animal should be seen by a veterinarian. Perhaps your pet for the healing of the essential to take antibiotics. In rare cases, the dog may appoint a hormonal drug.

How to prevent the appearance of weeping dermatitis?

Without eliminating the cause of weeping dermatitis, the treatment is useless, because the wound will appear again and again.

This disease can be caused by insect bites, especially fleas. Thus an allergic reaction. To avoid this, you need to systematically, not less than 1 time per month, to handle a dog with special means for fleas and ticks.

During molting, do not be lazy to brush the dog, because weeping dermatitis occurs in this period. This is due to the fact that moist dead hair sticks to the skin.

The cause of wet eczema can be infections of the ears, anal glands. It is necessary to look more often to the dog's ears, and every six months to drive to the clinic to clean the anal glands. This is a quick and inexpensive procedure.

Keep your four-legged friend does not swim in dirty ponds. After walks inspect your dog – not dug do her skin some dry spike.

Provide the dog with good nutrition and twice a year feed the vitamin-mineral supplements. Then the immune system of the animal is strong, and the likelihood of catching some kind of infection will decrease.