The first symptoms of the disease

The release of perianalny glands of secretions occurs during each bowel movement, and during sexual activity, stress, greater mobility. The inflammatory process occurs in several stages. Initially there is a violation of the natural outflow of secretions of the anal sinus, which leads to its overflow. During this period, the animal appears quite healthy, only from time to time may restlessly licking the tail.

The second stage of the disease

The secret then begins to thicken and turns into flakes. The dog may behave strangely and ride on the floor on the buttocks. This symptom may confuse owners. So behaved dogs are when there are worms. With moving of the tail or hind paws, the pet may experience pain. The secret is among other things absorbed into the blood, causing severe itching all over the body. The dog begins to itch uncontrollably, licking the anal passage.

The appearance of pus

The next period is the heaviest. In perianalny glands begin to multiply micro-organisms, pus appears, themselves inflamed gland and nearby tissues. If the pus comes out through the natural way, then there is an abscess that breaks out near the anus after ripening. During defecation the dog a lot of pain. Even laying down and walking becomes unbearable.

The causes of the disease

The disease is most common in sedentary Pets. They did not develop properly the muscles, and the secret stagnates for a long time in the glands. A weak immune system, poor heredity, frequent constipation or diarrhea are also causes of inflammation perianalny glands. To provoke an outbreak of any external or internal injuries, bites, poor diet, lack of proper hygiene. Owners often notice the disease, when an abscess has already ruptured and the pus came out.

Treatment of the disease

The treatment is the first step in the liberation perianalny glands accumulated secret. If the natural process of withdrawal of the liquid is broken, so need to do it mechanically. Such services are offered in veterinary clinics, but it is possible to carry out the procedure independently at home. For this you will need vaseline and gloves. Need the index finger to enter the anus with one and the other side to find a pear-shaped gland massage movements to put pressure on it and push the liquid. After that you should insert a candle anti-inflammatory.

If the disease is started, you will need novocaine blockade with antibiotics. The course lasts about 15 days. Then carry out lavage of the sinuses with antiseptic. If the anus have a fistula, the treatment will be directed at its eradication. In severe cases require surgery to remove the anal glands.