You will need
  • natural food;
  • brush;
  • - antiparasitic shampoo;
  • is a special drug;
  • - colloidal oatmeal;
  • - anti-inflammatory gel.
First find out the cause of pruritus. If you care about your pet, contact the veterinary clinic, because only a specialist will be able to take the required tests and conduct a thorough inspection of the dog.
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If the reason lies in the molt, you will have to revise the menu of the animal. To feed the pet needs only natural food that does not contain chemical and artificial ingredients.
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In addition to the food you need daily brushing. To do this, get a special brush at the pet store. Please note that the combs can be different – it all depends on the length and type of coat.
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If the itching triggered by hair loss, and something else, the vet will take a scraping for fungus. And if the diagnosis is confirmed, your pet will be assigned a complex treatment. This may include vaccination against ringworm, wash antiparasitic shampoos.
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The cause of pruritus can be fleas or other parasites. In this case, the veterinarian will designate an animal a specific treatment, which will consist of treatment of the skin, washing antiparasitic agents. In some cases, the treatment should be monthly.
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Itching can be caused by allergies. In this case, exclude from the diet dog all the allergenic products – chicken, and questionable feed. In the period of exacerbation let the dog lamb and rice, as these foods are not allergens.
If your dog combed the skin, wash it slightly in tepid water, as it has a calming effect. Add water, colloidal oatmeal, because it is an excellent tool for removing skin itching. Also you can lubricate the inflamed areas of the skin of the animal with a special gel, for example, with aloe. But before that, be sure to consult with a veterinarian.