Allergy symptoms:

  • Dachshund begins to scratch the ears. They are red inside, may appear red spots. The fees may appear otitis media, when the ears begin to flow, to fester and to stink.
  • The skin on the belly and in armpits starts to peel off, the dog often combs these places to the blood.

  • Between the paws of the pet blisters that dog bites hard.

  • My eyes begin to tear or to fester. Appears conjunctivitis.

  • If severe allergic reactions may occur angioedema, where the face and the dog's neck swell.

If a dog has a food Allergy, you will have to put him on hypoallergenic dry food of high quality. Besides dry food is necessary to give water.

If you feed your dog only natural food and don't want to translate balanced, finished feed, then adjust the power pet. Permanently remove from the diet Dachshund chicken. This is probably the main allergen. Change it to lean beef or rabbit. Stop feeding tomatoes and oranges. Don't let sweets. Food allergies in dogs you can exclude only the method of "spear". Prepare your fee in a few days only rice or buckwheat porridge on the water, adding a little vegetable oil. Maybe the dog won't be happy with such a change of diet, but hungry, eat. Just be patient: you will not starve fee, you improve its health. After all the Allergy symptoms will disappear, start adding in cereal and other products. Check each new ingredient for the week. So you will generate a list of foods that you can eat the dog. This treatment is quite long, but it is necessary for the health of your Dachshund.

When non-food Allergy symptoms are similar to allergies to food. In this case, it is advisable to contact the veterinarian to pass the necessary tests for allergens. Allergic reactions usually prescribe antihistamines, which relieve itching and irritation. Running skin Allergy need to treat anti-inflammatory ointments, so that they began to rot. When angioedema dog can choke and swell, in this case it is better not to delay the trip to the doctor.

Allergy in dachshunds are never fully cured, so treatment must be carried out from time to time. Allergy is not a death sentence, if the time to notice it and remove, then your pet will delight you your entire life.