The ailing family dog, of course, should be treated by a veterinarian. For the treatment there are special antibiotics intended for Pets, they often are called in the same way as usual, but have the Postfix "VP" (veterinary medicine): "Gentamicin-VP", "Amoxicillin VP", "VP Cephalexin" (active ingredient cephalexin), and "Trimethoprim 2ВП" (international name "sulfametox"). Listed medications are the most common. It is their most often prescribed veterinarians to combat the threat of canine diseases.
"Gentamicin-VP" is used for open wounds and some infections, such as ear. This drug exists mainly in the form of ointments, pills as negatively affect the body, affecting hearing and vision animal. For the reception inside appoint
1.1 ml "Gentamicin-VP" for 10 kg of animal weight. Tablet to crush and give the dog water every 12 hours. Between taking the drug need to stimulate the animal to drink more, offer not only water, but light broths, dairy products.
"Amoxicillin VP" is used for skin diseases, gastrointestinal infections and urinary tract infections. This antibiotic is most often issued by a veterinarian, as it is practically safe. But still there are dogs that are allergic to this medicine, so the first time it must be applied with caution. The drug is preferred to pound, and in powder form to add to food.
"Cephalexin VP" is used in the treatment of respiratory infections and also bacterial infections in the bones. To the dose were not side effects, such as diarrhea and vomiting, you need to carefully control the dose. Let it dissolved in a small amount of water, you can pour the liquid into the bowl of water, but you can with a spoon to get the dog. To do this, lock the animal squeeze with one hand the jaw so that the thumb you could push the upper lip. In the interdental space, pour in the medication and wait for the dog to swallow it. Be sure to praise your pet. Give a small amount of savoury treats.
"Trimethoprim 2ВП" prescribed against cystitis, respiratory and gastrointestinal, and urinary infections. Give should with water.
Antibiotics for dogs should be applied strictly depending on a disease, and also to correctly calculate the dosage. Dog is endowed with a weak liver, therefore, it is necessary to carefully control the dosage of drugs. The dose depends primarily on the weight of the animal.
As in the human treatment, there are a number of operating principles with antibiotics. So, it is strictly forbidden to independently reduce the dose of the drug, and also to interrupt the course of treatment that often do breeders, sparing your pet. Remember, improvement does not mean recovery, and interrupted the course can cause mutations of the virus and creating a negative resistance, in other words, the drug that helped your dog the last time, don't save the next.
In addition, the antibiotics can no longer than 10 days, as abuse will lead to dangerous consequences for the dog. After this course of antibiotics is recommended propeity your pet's medications to improve the condition of the liver, and restorative vitamins.