Choose the combination that will help you to achieve financial well-being. Thus, the number of "1" resulting from adding the digits of the numberand (in some cases re-adding) will be of great help to your business travel. The digit "2" will say that the machine is designed more for shows or exhibitions. The number "3" will help Bank employees in solving problems, "4" - figure for the creative mind, and "5" for lovers of travel and entertainment, "6" - suitable for people who care about family and calm atmosphere in the house. The number "7" - singles who love to develop and implement their plans without prying eyes, and "8" will become an indispensable figure for realtors and builders, "9" - will help the judges to make the right decision, and lawyers to defend their clients.
There are more complex calculations, the result of which will rather speak of "nature" and the reliability of the machinethan on the personality of its owner. In this case we calculate the "Golden number" of machines (as in the case with the "Golden number" of the person – by name and date of birth). "Name" is a brand of cars, you can call directly the numberand date of birth – date of issue.
To calculate the "family" car it is necessary to know the numerical values of Russian (for domestic production machines) or Latin (for cars). For example, for "VAZ" is 3+1+9=13, 1+3=4. After you add up all the digits of the numberand the issue date (in numeric value). Theoretically, such a system is to find the "happy room" it is possible, if the machine is already purchased but not registered in the traffic police.
If you are a fan of Feng Shui, the process of selecting a lucky numberand consider the following criteria:
- the lucky number is "8". Car, roome which will present "9," will bring its owner wealth and prosperity.
the number "3" symbolizes life in all its manifestations. And this combination of numbers as, for example, "329" would mean "the rapid growth of business";
- the number "6" not less favorably and is seen as a double "three". So, for example, the number "638" would mean to "permanent increase in income";
- the number "1" and "9" - symbolize "unity" and "longevity" respectively;
- the number "2" located at the beginning of the roomand indicates the ease of action, which represent other numbers. However, we should not allow the combination of "24" since it will look like "easy to die";
the number 5" means "will not." So this number in combination with a "4" (e.g. "54") is applicable;
- the number "7" it is better to combine with "2" and "8". This number is "confidence";
- the number "4" is better, of course, be avoided. However, the combination of the "48" is the number can be seen as "prosperity, no matter what", and combined "43" - "even in death, you will live". The basic rule is not to choose a roomending in "4".