Doctors of female consultations are always insist on transporting pregnant ambulance. The reasons for this are many. For ambulance there are no traffic jams, red lights and signs. Woman giving birth in the back seat of the car can distract the wife or the driver and cause an accident. Machine "ambulance" attracts the attention of road users and the probability of an accident is reduced.
To the hospital was taken away by ambulance just type "03" or "#03" cell. Name, surname, date of birth, place of residence, duration of pregnancy and, if so, the diagnosis for you.
The dispatcher will ask about the referral or attachment to a particular hospital, to clarify the entry code, number of entrance and conditions of use of the local area. If the gate does not open automatically, "ambulance" will need to meet.
Even if you have direction and you have to drive to the hospital yourself, "ambulance" provides patients with specific categories of transportation services. Single pregnant women, the lack of a personal vehicle, remoteness of hospital and other "good" reasons a reason to call an ambulance.
Keep in mind that in the morning there is a reception planned patients. If you do not give birth, but required shipping "for emergency" - better to call after lunch.
The probability of failure hospitalization, if you came in an ambulance is very low, and in the case of failure (for example, a crowded hospital, non-hospital) "emergency" will take you to another. You don't have all day to drive around the city in search of the hospital, which will see you now.
Usually, the ambulance is driven into the hospital for the residence permit, to the nearest hospital or the one to which you are attached. If labor has begun, when you were in a different district, and the situation on the roads does not allow you to drive you to the hospital for the residence or in the one where you're stuck - you hospitalitynet to the next.
In large cities there is the term "duty hospital". It take most women received calls with the ambulance. But usually this rule works half: someone transported by residency or place of residence, someone needed specialized hospital, and someone will arrive at the nearest.
If the hospital of registration and place of residence suits you - no need to attach to it. Otherwise it is better to take advice of the local midwife direction or to attach itself to the right hospital.
If you do not have a residence permit in the city of residence, you will be taken to the maternity hospital at the place of residence. Lack of residence registration, citizenship, birth certificate and medical insurance is not a reason for refusal. According to Russian law the mother is entitled to rely on any special assistance.