You will need
  • - a statement in the prescribed form;
  • - passport of the owner of the vehicle.
  • - law;
  • - a certificate of registration;
  • - PTS;
  • - the insurance policy;
  • - receipt about payment of state duty.
Come to the registration Department of traffic police and write a statement in due course about the results of the new rooms. Please specify the reason in accordance with which you want to replace the state numbers (damage, loss, etc.).
Present the old registration number of your car, if it for some reason was badly damaged and completely unusable. You must show a passport, driving license, insurance policy, PTS, the certificate on the state registration of the car and the original receipt about payment of state duty for the issuance of the new rooms.
Write a statement about the incident of loss, if for the current lost room, be sure to specify the date and place when the room was lost. And if you know, describe how it happened. This statement has a unified form, so the form it is necessary to take in the traffic police.
In addition to the above documents you will be required to provide a receipt that you already paid for the next car inspection by an authorized employee of traffic police. Also you should come to the car to state authorities for inspection in place.
Get on the appointed day the inspector of the new state roomswhich will be given on the basis of a submitted application. You will not be able to duplicate your old rooms, you will be given brand new rooms.
Write a statement about changing rooms for automobile, if you have recently purchased it and put on the account, but don't want to leave his old state room for some reason. If you have no way to independently contact the traffic police to receive state accommodation for vehicles, then you can ask a Trustee. But don't forget to notarize a power of attorney at the notary.