In the first couple of months after buying a car is generally not recommended to Polish the body; it should just rinse with cold water. This is due to the fact that the required hardness of a factory painting structures fully recruited only after 2-3 months; during this time, the surface of the body is most vulnerable, so the use of any polishes undesirable. Later, however, some species use is still possible.

Than polishing a new car

The processing of the new body can be produced using only protective compounds. The most affordable and therefore popular one is the wax. This Polish makes the body Shine, but the protection can not speak; often the wax compositions used when preparing the car for sale. More resistant is considered the Teflon Polish. This polymer is well linked to "native" paint and varnish coating (coatings) and film-forming, characterized by durability, elasticity and resistance to chemical reagents. Teflon coating is good "works" at high and at low temperatures. Processing time Teflon usually does not exceed hours if the car is washed and dry. The protective effect persists for a period of from 1.5 to 3 months; assuming constant operation to subject the body to treatment with Teflon is recommended 4 times a year.

Polish epoxy ensures the formation of a durable, tough film showing a well-marked water-repellent effect. However, the coating process is more prolonged; besides washing, drying, need to degrease the LMB and spray applied epoxy composition, moreover, by hand. Epoxy protection facilitates the process of washing, because the dirt is separated is easier.

When polishing a new body

Polishing a new car is required by reason of the subsequent use in abrasive compositions, removing scratches, and with them, the paint on the car. High quality Polish penetrates the top layer of coatings, forming additional protection. Therefore, to treat a new car with a cheaper means (the same wax, for example) does not make sense. Excess rubbing can cause a loss of gloss, and if the procedure is performed in "home" conditions, it is possible the ingress of dust particles, dirt that can scratch the surface of the body.

Normal aging of a new car before the first polishing 5-7 months after purchase. At the end of this period, the treatment can be carried out a couple of times a year. Note that for the winter and summer manufacturers produce various protective compositions.