You will need
  • - the civil passport;
  • - passport of the vehicle;
  • - help account;
  • - power of attorney to owning a car.
Report to the registration authority of police in your place of residence.
Contact the primary window of reception of documents, take the form of statements about the vehicle on the account.
Fill out the application. As a rule, information stands registered in the traffic police authorities have samples of filling of such statements. And some MREO there is also an additional service completing the application.
Contact window the initial submission of documents and return application and required documents: national passport, passport of the vehicle. If you drive a vehicle power of attorney, and provide her, if you have just bought a car, you need to provide a certificate account on the purchase of the vehicle.
Wait for processing of documents. Collect the documents and receipt of payment of state duty for the performance of the vehicle on the account.
Go to the nearest branch the nearest Bank and pay the stamp duty. The fee depends on which vehicle you put on the account. For car it is 1800 rubles for motorcycle 1300 rubles.
Embark on site inspection of vehicles. Proceed through the inspection of your vehicle. The result should be a corresponding notation on the application for registration.
Go to the registration window of the vehicles. Give the documents a statement, wait for the processing of documents.
Get back documents, the vehicle must be a record of the new owner. In the same window, will receive a state registration number.