The easiest way to find out the name of the owner if the number of his car - to appeal to the inspectors of traffic police. Right away they "punch" you in his only directly at the place of accident. In this case, they themselves will be interested in the fact that as soon as possible to find the other side. If you need to find the driver for my own reasons, it is unlikely that the inspectors will meet you and will scan your database to satisfy your curiosity.
Unable to search for to use the services of private detectives. The first way is through the Internet. On a car forum at you can leave your request. The answer is you have to send the mail after you pay for the services of detectives.
You can also hire a regular private investigator. Of course, this service will cost you a tidy sum. But if the benefits from searching are much higher than your material costs to search engine, then it's worth the risk. The work these professionals usually not too long. Within a week you will get all the information you need.
The Internet to help you. There are many sites that offer you special boxes to score the required number, and they will give you all the information you need. For example, Its main advantage is that information can be obtained free of charge.
If the car is in the yard, and clearly shows that the owner lives here, you can try the method of "word of mouth". To do this, find out the owners of those cars who Park next to the name of the owner or where he lives. Also in this method, the irreplaceable informants will be grandmother-neighbor. They notice everything and know everything about everybody. So will easily be able to tell you who owns a particular car.