To find car owner number, contact any of the traffic police. Present your passport or other identity documents. Suitable driving license. Write an application, select it in the snippets or the number of your car, the reason why you want to know the owner of the car .
After a few minutes you will receive full information about the owner, including information about the name, the date and place of birth, home address and contact telephone numbers. If you specified number of a fragment, then the owners may be few, so it is better to additionally specify the brand and color of the car.
If you need to know about the owner of the car in her room, and at this time you are outside of the village, then stop at the nearest traffic police checkpoint and asked by the duty staff. Each stationary post of DPS has the computer to check the necessary information. So you can get them almost instantly. If necessary, the patrol service will respond to your request and will work on emergency detention of the vehicle when he fled the scene of the accident or had been other unpleasant incidents.
Instead of DPS, you can contact the representatives of law and order, which are obliged to help citizens in emergency situations.
If your yard is constantly there is someone's car and prevents not only you but also all the surrounding neighbors, and the owner of this one never seen, then you can apply to your district. The representative of law enforcement will review your application and will take measures to find the owner to eliminate causes inconvenience to citizens.
You can also find the owner's number if you contact bases, which in the Internet are vast and they are provided in both paid and free.