On the Internet there are many ways of finding information about owners of vehicles by their number.
First, find a reliable resource, type the number indicating the letters, numbers and region, and you will receive information about the owner. Of course, information about the specific person the number of his car can be used for different purposes, so it is difficult to access. Besides, this is very serious and it is not free. Resources will, providing services for establishment of the owner of the car, offer to pay for the work via SMS or other options. In this case, it is similarly possible to fall for scams, paying them not only the amount claimed, but to lose a lot more money.
The most reliable way to find owner of car by number is to contact the traffic police. This service has access to databases for all vehicles of Russia and can reliably find a particular person. The fact that such information is confidential and not subject to disclosure at the legislative level. Therefore, to establish the identity of the owner of the vehicle, you have to be objective, serious and very necessary cause. For example, you sent a statement to the police about the offense, knowing the number of the car. In this case, the police find themselves the owner of the car database. This person will not only found, but will answer for his offense before the law. If you have no objective reason to establish the identity of the owner of the car number, this information is unlikely to give you.
An alternative way of getting the database on owners of vehicles – purchase of the disk with the database. This information cannot be guaranteed to be real for all numbers, but the ability to find the right person you have.
Which of the options you can use – the choice is yours.