You will need
  • - passport or ID with your age (minimum age 18 years);
  • - a document or certificate proving your permanent or temporary place of residence;
  • - the originals or copies of sales receipts, invoices, and receipts for all purchased assemblies and components used in the creation of your tractor.
All of the above documents and financial documents together with the application for the registration of your homemade tractor imagine in the inspection of State technical supervision, assigned to your territory.
Prepare and imagine your tractor is responsible to the Commission – to the inspector of the STS in charge for the technical inspection and certificate this inspection in the prescribed form.
If your tractor all tennorman designs in this class and satisfy the requirements of ecology, safety of traffic on public roads and operational security – you will be issued with a technical passport and number plate on your homemade tractor.
If you have no time, desire or hinders you something else, instead of registering your homemade agricultural machines in the inspection of the Gostekhnadzor make a special tool to check your tractor to the trailer. In this case, you can have it (the tractor) to transport on public roads to the place where you are going to use. And nobody in this situation does not require presentation of a registration certificate or license plate.