In 1939 the English Football Association made the decision of assigning each position on the football field official number. The starting lineup players were allocated numbers according to the positions occupied on the field, from 1 to 11. The unit was intended to be the goalkeeper, Central midfielder - five, centre forward - nine. The reserve players were given room 12. Because of this, players were able to change room during the season by dropping out of the starting lineup, position changes.
In our time, the players themselves select the number (1 to 99). The combination can be interpreted as code. So the players, before signing a contract, carefully examine the availability. Sometimes people think the mascot's birthday as a way of attracting good luck. So V. A. Shevchuk (13.05.1979 year of birth) in the club "Shakhtar" is listed at number 13 , R. P. rotan (29.10.1981 year of birth) in the club "Dnepr" is listed at number 29.
There are rooms that are not withdrawn from circulation football club and means the following. Room 10, which successfully played the legendary Pele in the team belongs in most cases to the best player. Among some of the football clubs decided to dedicate slot number 12 to the fans ("the twelfth player"). Teams who have secured the specified room for the fans: "CSKA", "wings of the Soviets", "Atletico Mineiro", "Bristol Rovers", "Torino", and others.