You will need
  • - electronic database of license plates.
Please first Saturday. Tell us where and under what conditions the collision occurred. If there were witnesses of the accident, be sure to leave your contact phone in order to be able to contact them and clarify the situation. Stay on scene and wait for arrival of the car of traffic police.
Punch this number on the basis of numbers of cars. Such a database existed in retail, or you can find them on the Internet and download absolutely for free. They are divided by the regions and assist the traffic police in search of violators on the roads. Ask any search engine query, and see suggested links. From the electronic base numbers you can know the surname, name and patronymic of the owner, date and year of his birth, type and date of registration, place of residence, contact telephone number, make of car and the year of its release.
Check the accuracy of your information the information you have received in the traffic police. If you find out the name and residence of the owner of the car, do not try to deal with the situation yourself. If the participant of road accident disappeared from the scene, he has something to hide, and it is unlikely he'll be up to you friendly. Contact a legal means.
Write down the make and color of the car and in that case, if you witness an accident or road traffic accident, and the rooms were missing or not visible. Your help will be invaluable to investigate the incident.
Take the statement in the traffic police, if the front of your house is a long time and prevents the passage of other vehicles a car without license plates. Do it in that case, if an independent investigation does not bring any results. To identify the owner of the car and see the state rooms of the car to the traffic police.