A single operator Beeline

If you need to call the operator Beeline, it is possible to make a call on 0611, which is uniform and completely free. This procedure involves following the instructions of the autoinformer, which will indicate what keys to press to connect with a live consultant.

At the moment, does not have universal key combination that allows you to call Vodafone and immediately connected with it. This inconvenience is caused by the fact that the voice menu may look slightly different depending on the region, as well as occasional changes and promotional programs do not allow this.

Federal operator Beeline

Free call Vodafone can be done by typing the Federal number by which it is possible to join a specialist call centre with the city, as well as the SIM card of another mobile operator and not with the number of Beeline.

  • To clarify the nuances of cellular connection and operation the USB modem, you need to dial 8 800 700 06 11, after the beep, use the key 0.
  • To clarify the functioning of the Wi-Fi connection - 8 800 700 21 11.
  • 8 800 700 80 00 - to clarify the nuances of functioning a home Internet connection, TV and telephony.
  • To clarify the nuances of functioning and Internet settings for mobile - 8 800 123 45 67.

To connect with Beeline, you need to make a call and wait for connection with the employee. The wait is usually no more than 5 minutes.

As a free call Vodafone in roaming

To make a call while roaming, you must:

  • in-network and national roaming (in the country) allows you to get through to the call centre by dialing 8 800 700 06 11 or 0611, and for the call you won't be charged;
  • if you need to connect with a consultant to support international roaming, you can make a call on +7 495 974 88 88 however, the fee will be waived only in the case, if the call is made with SIM-card Beeline.

How to contact Beeline other ways

To communicate with the Beeline can be used other ways:

  • with the help of emails, which will indicate a problem via e-mail otvet@beeline.ru;
  • by using the feedback form on the official resource of the operator;
  • with a "We'll call you back" which is accessible only when occupied by all the specialists of the center support;
  • by SMS at 0622, for which no fee is charged;
  • using the service "Personal Cabinet" on the official website of Beeline.