You can call Vodafone, taking advantage of the special room service, "Mobile consultant". Dial on your phone 0611 and you will get to the voice menu "Consultant". Then select any voice menu, pressing the corresponding key on your mobile phone if you are interested in information about the connected services balance, mobile Internet, etc. to contact Beeline directly, press the numeric keypad "0".
Wait for connection with the operator. Prepare your passport and the contract for the provision of mobile services, as they may be needed when communicating with technical support. Sometimes to get through to the Beeline can be quite problematic, as all lines can be busy. Wait a few minutes or try again in the early morning hours.
You can call Vodafone from a landline or mobile number attached to another cellular provider, the number 8 800 700 0611. If you want to call from international roaming, type +7 495 974 88 88. Inside the Beeline network, the call is free for you. In other cases, the cost of a call will depend on your current tariff plan.
There are special operator Beeline, by calling for them, you will receive information on a specific type of services. For example, all the issues related to the Internet on the phone, please call 8 800 700 0611. If you are interested in USB modems, dial 8 800 700 0080. About Wi-Fi call 8 800 700 2111. Learn more about the home Internet through the number 8 800 700 8000, on home TV - 8 800 700 8000 home phone - 8 800 700 8000.
You can contact the technical support of Beeline and other ways, for example, sending your question in the form of an e-mail address either in the form of SMS-messages to number 0622. Also try using the feedback form and chat with a specialist on the official website of the Beeline. These services are free of charge and around the clock.