You can contact the operator directly by calling reference services 0890. However, initially you will be in the voice menu, where you are prompted to press a certain button on the phone to receive this or that information. To be able to manage teams, log in to the tone mode by pressing the asterisk on your keyboard.
Press "0" for establishing a relationship with an employee call center. You can do this at any time, without waiting for the voice menu instructions. Wait for a while (if all operators are busy, you will be told the approximate waiting time for a response), and you will hear the voice of helpdesk callers. It is best to call in the morning or the evening as during the day, waiting for a response usually takes at least 5-7 minutes.
To contact MTS directly, not only mobile, but also landline. First dial the country code – "eight", then the code of your city and then - 766 01 66. You will be in the voice menu, where there are the same commands as when dialing from a mobile phone. While both methods of dialing the operator are free if you are in the area of the MTS network.
If you want to ask a question that does not require an urgent answer, you can do it through the official website of the operator. Also, this method is suitable for those who is not a subscriber of MTS. The transition to the relevant section by following the link on the main page. Complete the personal information, including your phone number or e-mail, depending on how you want to answer. Your appeal will be considered in turn, and you will receive a response within a few business days.