Contact Beeline directly for a short number 0611. Once installed, you will be in the voice menu, where you will be prompted to press a particular key to execute various commands. In order not to waste time, just press "0" for connection with the support. Please make sure that you have activated voice-frequency dialling mode (if the key click is no beep from the speaker, press the "star"). The call is free within the network.
Try to contact Beeline at the number 8-800-700-0611. To gain it both from mobile and landline phones, while it will be valid for subscribers using services of other cellular operators. To connect with technical support, use the algorithm specified above. If you need to make a call from international roaming please dial +7-495-974-88-88.
Call the Beeline can be in certain rooms that bring together specialists on certain types of services. For example, questions about the USB modem dial 8-800-700-0080, Wi-Fi 8-800-700-2111, home Internet 8-800-700-8000, home phone 8-800-700-8000 or home TV – 8-800-700-8000. In this case you will get faster and more accurate answers to interesting services.
Contact Beeline support through specialists in the offices or parlors of the operator, which are available in most large cities of Russia and abroad. If you have any trouble finding the nearest office, you can watch the address on the map in the "Contacts" section on the official website of the operator.
In that case, if the issue Vodafone is not urgent, use other communication methods. For example, try sending an email to or SMS-message to short number 0622. In addition, the feedback form and chat with staff support are available on the official website of Beeline. All of these services operate round the clock and are free. The waiting time can be from one to several business days.