Common to all subscribers of MTS network in Russia is the reference number 0890. Calls it free not only for Russian subscribers, but also for those citizens of Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan and Armenia, who are served by companies affiliated with MTS.
After dialing you will hear an automated message about the services and actions you can take, guided by the voice guidance. Listen to the whole thing, to make sure that your question is not included in the enumerated list. At the end of the message, the answering machine will advise to dial "0" to hear the voice of the expert-the operator is ready to solve your problems. Press "0" at this point, or earlier, during the information of the answering machine.
In that case, if you are going abroad, go to the MTS site, set your region and in the "Help and service" select "Contact centre". Write down the phone numbers of the service operator of your region that may be required you when you will be in international roaming.
To contact the operator with any local phone number registered in Russia, and also from a mobile phone that has a SIM card of another mobile operator, dial 8 800 250 0890. No matter how long a conversation with the operator, it is free for you.